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Excellent Trailer Repair and More In LaGrange, GA!

With Hayes Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair, you can expect a trailer or truck repair, maintenance of different-sized vehicles, tire changes, and assistance on the road, and you can expect all of it from skilled, highly experienced mechanics! Be safe on that road, and make sure everything is in perfect condition! If you live in and around the LaGrange, GA area, you can trust us to keep you safe and your vehicles in fantastic, reliable quality!

Our Services

Truck and Trailer Repair

Truck and Trailer Repair

Semi, big truck, or trailer repair is not a problem for us – we’ll repair any damage so you can be sure of the vehicle you’re driving and moving in down the road. Safety is essential, so let us take care of that part for you!

Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Whether it’s the truck or the trailer, is there any question of the impeccable condition they must be in? We’re the kind of mechanics who won’t let you down and will regularly maintain the truck and trailer!

Small Vehicle Maintenance

Small Vehicle Maintenance

If you need us to check out your small vehicle – we will. Just because it’s not a truck doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in exceptional condition. Let us keep up with the maintenance and ensure everything is in order!

Tire Change

Tire Change

You can depend on our mobile tire change service when you see a potential issue that will cause damage on the road for you. Quality tires are essential on the road! So don’t wait and see what happens – let us change them whenever you need that!

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

When you need a mobile mechanic or emergency roadside assistance – we’ll always be there for you. Know that with certainty! We will help in different situations and ensure your vehicle or truck is in perfect condition for the road!

Hayes Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair

LaGrange, GA 30240

(706) 445-5931

Whatever You Need and Whenever You Need It

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed something but couldn’t get it, at the moment, due to multiple factors? Perhaps you lack the skills and knowledge to offer perfection or the time and desire for it. Most of the time, when something happens with a person’s car, that person throws up their hands and wishes someone would come along and deal with the problem instead. Do the same, don’t exhaust yourself, and call professional mechanics!

Spectacular Skills Just For You

We have spectacular skills because we made it happen. Our skills didn’t fall from the sky and hit us over the head – we honed them year after year and made sure to become more and more perfect, and it’s all because of our customers. We can’t afford to slack off and be less than perfect – nor would we want to. Our reputation would suffer, but that’s not what we care about most. We care about our customers and offer them perfection, so we must keep up and be as invested in learning and being excellent!

More Areas We Serve

Everyone needs dependable mechanics, and sometimes it’s not planned -it’s a situation of emergency, and we want to be available at all times and everywhere. That’s why we’re proud to tell you that we serve more than one area and are happy to have our services and experience open to even more people!

  • West Point, GA
  • Valley, AL
  • Lanett, AL
  • Roanoke, AL
  • Grantville, GA

Call¬†Hayes Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair for a stationary or mobile truck mechanic with skills and experience! Everyone who works at the company has one wish and one wish only – to help with every repair and assist in emergencies so you don’t feel like there’s no way out and get frustrated! If you live in and around the LaGrange, GA area and want to feel calm knowing you have qualified mechanics a phone call away when you need them – you can depend on us!

Client Testimonials

Excellent Mobile Tire Change Service!

If you haven't needed a mobile tire change service, you wouldn't know how perfect these guys are at what they do. And they are - they're fantastic, skilled, and quick on their feet! They don't waste time and spring together all of their experience and knowledge to give the best. I am glad their number is on my phone!

Services List

  • Truck Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Semi and Large Trucks
  • Truck Maintenance
  • Trailer Maintenance
  • Small Vehicle Maintenance
  • Tire Change
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Mobile Mechanic